ITEC Invites Global Innovators and Entrepreneurs

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On May 20th, the 12th Chaoyang International Talent Entrepreneurship Conference (ITEC) officially kicked off, with the call for projects for the ITEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition starting simultaneously. This year's ITEC introduces innovative competition systems, reinforces end-to-end support services, and employs stronger measures and broader channels to attract global talent to Chaoyang for entrepreneurship and innovation, all focused on reaching milestones in building a high-level talent hub.

Innovative Competition Systems to Attract Global Top Talent

In recent years, Chaoyang District has closely aligned with the construction of Beijing as an international science and technology innovation center. The competition employs a dual-driven development strategy of "Business + Technology," placing a "3+X" digital economy industrial landscape to become a benchmark city for the global digital economy.


This year's global entrepreneurship competition features a "3+X" comprehensive track centered around leading industries. The three main tracks for the digital economy are Industrial Internet, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Security. The X track includes forward-looking future industries such as Internet 3.0, Digital Healthcare, Photonic Integrated Circuits, Future Manufacturing, Future Energy, and Future Aerospace. Additionally, special tracks for specific industries and key universities are set up, including advanced technology sessions for data elements, digital healthcare, and university-specific competitions at Shanhua Valley, to support core technologies in segmented industries and promote deep integration of government, industry, academia, research, and application.

The competition continues with high cash rewards, with the grand prize up to 5 million RMB, and total prize money exceeding 50 million RMB. Notably, this year’s competition has introduced a special policy for major disruptive technologies and needed strategic talents, adopting a case-by-case approach for introduction, providing comprehensive support packages including talent, industry, capital, and space tailored to their needs.

The competition is divided into domestic and overseas regions, focusing on North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, and Oceania. Registration is now open. For details and registration information, visit the Chaoyang International Talent Harbor website ( or follow the "Chaoyang Phoenix Home" WeChat public account. Global entrepreneurs are welcome to register and participate!

Enhanced Incentives for Overseas Talent Recruitment

To further enhance the recruitment of overseas talent, the competition has optimized and upgraded the "Innovation Scout" incentive mechanism. Organizations or individuals who recommend overseas projects that win awards and settle in Chaoyang will receive different amounts of rewards based on the project's award level, with a maximum reward of up to 1 million RMB. This reward mechanism is more substantial and comprehensive compared to previous editions.

Centered around building the "Dual Recruitment and Attraction" Chaoyang brand, the conference establishes official overseas social media platforms and collaborates with international liaison offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and other locations to expand the overseas talent recruitment network. Leveraging internationalization advantages, Chaoyang District aims to attract more high-quality overseas talents with a more open attitude and pragmatic measures, encouraging them to pursue and realize their dreams in Chaoyang.

Strengthened Service Assurance through Collaboration

Just as "where trees grow thick, birds gather; where water is deep, fish converge," this competition focuses on providing comprehensive "Chaoyang Services" for excellent projects, covering space support, investment acceleration, talent services, and ecosystem empowerment.

The ITEC Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park, the primary venue for award-winning projects, continues to offer three years of consecutive, tiered space support. Other parks will also provide corresponding services based on their specific conditions.

In terms of investment acceleration, leveraging government-guided funds, a series of venture capital meeting activities are innovatively created to build display platforms and expand financing channels for high-quality projects. The upgraded "Future Academy" international talent cultivation system offers a richer training model through "learning, battling, speaking, acting, and competing," providing support in areas such as enterprise management, strategic planning, and resource connection.

Furthermore, founders of third prize-winning projects and above who meet the criteria will be included in the "Phoenix Plan" high-level talent service system, providing comprehensive "1+8" service guarantees covering health management, transportation, and more. Eligible young project founders will be included in the Chaoyang District Youth Science and Technology Talent Reserve Pool and given priority recommendations for various city and district-level award activities.

Chaoyang District will also integrate resources from industry departments, industrial parks, leading enterprises, and others to provide application scenarios for high-quality projects, accelerating their implementation and transformation, and promoting the innovation ecosystem service matrix to new heights.

The registration channel has officially opened. Welcome to register through the method shown in the following picture.

Since its inception, the Chaoyang International Talent Entrepreneurship Conference has become a "Chaoyang Brand" for serving international talent innovation and entrepreneurship, continually pushing talent attraction and intelligence to new levels. Chaoyang District is committed to creating a first-class development ecosystem for talent, comprehensively introducing, cultivating, and retaining talent, enhancing their sense of belonging, achievement, and honor, and injecting endless momentum into the high-quality development of the region.

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