Huwaibao advertising network helps you become the No. 1 brand in China

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原標題:Huwaibao advertising network helps you become the No. 1 brand in China

Huwaibao advertising network

Note: Huwaibao, short for HWB, means outdoor treasure in Chinese

Huwaibao advertising network slogan is to make your brand visible

Huwaibao advertising network

The Huwaibao advertising network was launched on January 18,2018 by Shanghai Joyang Advertising Communication Co. , Ltd. , born in Shanghai, China

• Huwaibao Advertising Network is an internet portal that provides advertisers, media owners and industry practitioners with outdoor media display, query, comparison, trading, tools and services

• Huwaibao advertising network adheres to the concept of making your brand visible, tightly revolves the enterprise brand promotion and the dissemination invisible pain spot, reduces in the dissemination process the intermediate link, weakens the human factor influence, reduces the brand in the dissemination process the cost, protects the escort for the enterprise brand dissemination, to spread the brand to the implementation, really visible!

• It is well known that non-standardization and severe information asymmetry have become bottlenecks in the development of the outdoor advertising media industry, Huwaibao advertising network is committed to improving the outdoor media highly scattered, diverse, fragmented, and inefficient status quo, to build a standardized, quantifiable, visible and trustworthy industry ecosystem for the outdoor media industry, thus promoting the sustainable development of the outdoor media industry, become an integral part of the efficient operation of the economy.


• In the future, outdoor advertising network will continue to ride the waves, aiming to become an outstanding and world-class outdoor advertising media professional service platform, and build a well-known brand that enjoys global reputation as an outdoor advertising media trading platform, strive to create world-class Outstanding Enterprises, for the outdoor advertising media industry eco-chain construction and media industry value promotion to contribute to our strength!

Huwaibao advertising network welcomes customers from all over the world who want to invest in outdoor media in China to contact us directly and cooperate with us, chinese companies and brands can also bring business directly to you through us.

We welcome advertising agencies and communication agencies from all regions of the world to establish contact with US and share media information with you, to help you with your outdoor media project in China send an email to [email protected].

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標題:Huwaibao advertising network helps you become the No. 1 brand in China